Valley Forge Invitational

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August 2007


BYE - woohoo!


So it started with Shazaam!!! vs Looney Tunes from Vineland, NJ.

Chicken Juice demolished their SL3 (Kevin) 3-0

G Force went hill-hill against their SL5 putting up an awesome fight!

Tequila E gave it her all against their 80+yr old "Granpa" - but her new nickname would have been "bully" if she didn't let him win!

Niko went to bat against their captain Misty (SL6) and showed them what OUR captain can do with a 4-3 win!

Ameson started off slow against their SL5 (Don), but played enough D to last her a lifetime and won 4-1


Shazaam!!! vs. Get Us Some

Chicken Juice played well against a "SL4", who clearly was sandbagging as he should have been a SL6

G Force whipped their SL3 4-0!

Niko went hill-hill against their SL5 and put up an awsome fight to the end

Ameson went hill-hill against their SL7, but did not get to shoot as he broke and ran

Best Quote of the Trip

Tracy:  My opponent just gave me a time-out - WTF?!?!?

Tracy was playing in a Mini-Mania tournament. She's hill-hill against another SL3.  Tracy missed an 8-ball shot and her opponent proceeds to say " know, what you should have done is...".  This is then followed by the opponent scratching on her shot, giving Tracy ball-in-hand on the 8-ball.  KARMA.  Delicious win Tracy!!!!!